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The Intellectual and Industrial Property practice group assists Italian and international clients in all legal aspects connected to the protection of intellectual and industrial property protection.

We assist and represent Clients in ordinary and urgent judicial proceedings before ordinary courts and Italian and international arbitration courts, including e.g. in connection with requesting provisional injunctions, seizure and confiscation of goods, publication of notices on newspapers, destruction of counterfeited products and case management before criminal courts. We also assist and represent Clients in non-contentious matters, including e.g. administrative procedures for the registration of trademarks, patents, designs and models before the relevant national and international authorities; copyright registration with the Washington Copyright Office; drafting and negotiating IP contracts, including licensing, merchandising, franchising and distribution agreements; and “Made in Italy” certification matters.

We have specific experience in the protection of legal rights in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

We provide specialized legal services on the protection of intellectual and industrial property in the Information Society and Information Technologies areas, including in connection with the following:

  1. Protection of web-related intellectual property, with particular reference to web copyright protection according to Italian Law 22 April 1941 no. 633 as modified by Italian Legislative Decree 9 April 2003 no. 68 and by Italian Law 21 May 2004 no. 128 (“Law No. 633 of 1941”).
  2. Protection of domain names domestically and internationally: We have represented and defended Clients before the World Intellectual Property Protection Organization of Geneva and the Prague Arbitration Court.
  3. Protection of computer programs and electronic databases according to Law No. 633 of 1941, including software registration in the Public Software Registry held at S.I.A.E.
  4. Advising on and negotiating contracts relating to commercial and advertising activities of web products and services, with particular reference of sponsoring and advertising on the Internet.
  5. Legal assistance in connection with the reform of the Italian publishing law (Italian Law 2001 no. 62) regarding the on-line publication of new multimedia products and the duties set out in the Italian Law 15 April 2004, no. 106 on the legal deposit of documents of cultural interest for public use.

In the copyright area, we have extensive experience in managing and protecting broadcasting and sports image rights. We regularly advise domestic and international film production companies as well as show business and sports celebrities.

We assist multinational corporations in the legal review of their advertising campaigns, including e.g. TV ads, press promotions, packaging, and prize award campaigns, for compliance with advertising and fair competition laws and regulations. We also advise Clients on the compliance of rival advertising campaigns with applicable laws and regulations.

Additionally, we assist Clients in connection with the administrative procedures for the protection of ideas, advertising creations and pay-off by way of registration with the Advertising Self-disciplinary Institute (IAP) of Milan. We also assist and represent Clients in proceedings before the Italian Antitrust Authority and the Italian Advertising Authority for the infringement of the Advertising Self-disciplinary Code (Italian Legislative Decree no. 74 of 1992 and subsequent amendments and integrations).

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