Indicazione del costo della Procedura nel caso di collegio unipersonale o collegio di tre saggi.

The fees are in . (Euro). Fees do not include VAT, where applicable. Please note that fees can be successively modified by the Dispute Resolving Service (DRS) Tonucci & Partners without previous notice. In any case, modified fees shall be always found at this web page.

Sole Panel

Number of disputed domain names Total
1 . 850,00
2 . 1.100,00
3 . 1.300,00
For each additional domain name . 200,00

Three Members Panel

Number of disputed domain names Total
1 . 2.200,00

. 3.000,00

. 4.000,00
For each additional domain name

. 500,00

The above fees include the reimbursement of the the expenses related to the communications via email between the Dispute Resolving Service (DRS) Tonucci & Partners and the claimant. Should the claimant select different means of communication, the following forfeit amounts - additional to the procedure's fees - shall have to be paid by the claimant:
Ordinary Mail: Euro 100,00
Telefax: Euro 200,00

Express courier: Euro 300,00

The payment of the Re-Assignation procedure's fees (and the forfeit reimbursement of the expenses in case of choice by the claimant of communication means other than email) in favour of the Dispute Resolving Service (DRS) Tonucci & Partners may be carried out - prior to the sending of the claim - by wire transfer (whose description shall be "Payment of fees related to the Re-Assignation Procedure", specifying also the ".it" domain name concerned) by one of the following banks (please contact adelninno@tonucci.com for the detailed banking coordinates; the receipt of the wire transfer must be attached to the claim):

Studio legale Tonucci & Partners - UniCredit Banca di Roma - Ag. Roma Ferdinando di Savoia IBAN IT 96 J 02008 05240 000029475448

Further, it must be pointed out that according to art. 3.3 of the Regulations for the resolution of disputes in the ccTLD "it" the party who initiates the challenge procedure shall solely bear the costs for the Procedure. Such costs and fees shall be paid by the claimant in any case, even if the claim is accepted by the DRS and the domain name is re-assigned to the claimant (in fact, the Dispute Resolving Service has no power to provide the reimbursement to be paid by the losing party).

Finally, it is worth remebering also the provision set forth in art. 4.20 of the Regulations for the resolution of disputes in the ccTLD "it" :

4.20 Expenses The petitioner must pay a fixed sum determined by the DRS at the time of lodging the complaint. In any case, t the petitioner will bear all the expenses of the DRS, except in the case provided for in clause V of this article. The DRS cannot begin the administrative procedure before receiving payment from the petitioner of the initial expenses in accordance with the first clause of this article. If the DRS does not receive payment within 6 (six) days from receipt of the complaint, the complaint shall be deemed abandoned and the procedure will be dismissed, the petitioner retaining the right to re-propose the complaint. In exceptional cases, for example when a personal examination takes place, the DRS can ask the parties to pay any additional expenses as decided by the Board in accordance with article 4.13.

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