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The advice on-line service allows users to submit their legal queries direct to our experienced Attorneys through the electronic platform available in this section.

Users may request advice on-line for matters within any of the practice areas in which Tonucci & Partners provides legal services. Questions may be raised which involve one or more areas of law and these will be dealt with provided all such subject areas are within the Firm's different specialist Departments.

Tonucci & Partners subscribe to a code of practice regulating the offer and delivery of on-line advice services. In conformity with the provisions of that code it is necessary to state that the advice on-line service is a fee-based one. When a user submits their question this will be referred to an Attorney of suitable seniority in the relevant Department. The Attorney will acknowledge the request, seek clarification (if necessary) and provide an estimate for the professional fees the service will cost.

The advice on-line procedure will activate only upon the userís acceptance of the estimate.

There are two levels of advice on-line:

1) Complete Advice: a comprehensive, fully-detailed and structured answer to a userís inquiry.
2) Short Memorandum of Advice: a general answer to a userís inquiry, without a specific in depth analysis, but providing sufficient information for a user to better understand their legal position.

The advice on-line service complies with the applicable regulations in force and is subject to the specific Terms & Conditions of use which users will be required to confirm they have read.

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