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To submit a job application to Tonucci & Partners, please follow the procedures set out below. We suggest that you read the instructions carefully before proceeding.

By selecting the second procedure, the candidate simply submits his or her CV as an attached file. We suggest that you adopt and use the European CV format for your CV.

The candidate simply submits his or her CV as an attached file. Again, we suggest that you use the European CV format.

The driving force behind the success of Tonucci & Partners is a group of talented and high-achieving experienced professionals, who are dedicated and strive to fulfil the firmís principal objective: the delivery of excellent legal services designed around the needs of the individual Client.

The majority of the firmís attorneys (including its junior attorneys) have a Masters degree or a PhD in Italy or awarded by a University abroad, and most have also had previous experience working at a international law firm.

The basic criteria involved in the selection process are: a strong university and/or post university curriculum, proficiency in one or more foreign languages , familiarity with IT and the main software applications, plus a willingness to work in a team environment both with colleagues in Italy and abroad.

If a candidateís CV is of interest to the firm, the applicant will be contacted for an interview. He or she will meet with a lawyer whose own field of specialism and previous work experiences align most closely with those of the candidate.

If the candidate is still of interest after the initial interview, he or she will be invited for a further interview with the firmís partner involved in the recruitment process. It is also possible that, in line with the firmís changing organizational needs, a previously un interviewed candidate may be called for interview at a later date after a database search of the professional profiles among all stored CVís. In such an event, the two stage interview process would continue to apply.

For the selection of non-professional personnel (i.e. secretarial staff, administrative staff, etc.) or interns, a similar procedure is followed.

Before submitting your CV in accordance with the instructions described above, please bear in mind the following:

  1. Before submitting the personal data included in your CV or electronic form for processing, carefully read the information regarding personal data protection and data processing provided as per art. 13 of the Data Protection Code.
  2. Avoid including data that might reveal your race, ethnicity, religious, philosophical or other kinds of beliefs, political opinions, membership of political parties or labour/trade unions, membership of religious, philosophical, political or labour/trade associations or organizations, health status or disability, or sexual orientation.
  3. However, if the disclosure of such information is necessary (i.e. a candidate in protected working categories) apart from giving your consent to the common personal data processing, before sending your data, a specific consent is also necessary Ė by selecting the proper box in the electronic form or by adding a specific statement in your CV form Ė to permit us to process the sensitive data contained in your CV.
  4. In the absence of such a specific consent, in accordance with the Italian Data Protection Code, the Data Processor Ė that is to say, Tonucci & Partners Ė will erase all of the relevant sensitive data.

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