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1995 - 2015: Tonucci & Partners celebrates twenty years of professional activity in Albania

24 june 2014 : EU candidate status for Albania

About us

The Albanian office of Tonucci & Partners began its professional activity in 1995 and it is now composed of both Albanian and expatriate lawyers based full-time in Albania so to combine the firm’s leading international experience with local expertise, language skills and knowledge of local market practices

At present, Tonucci & Partners in Albania is:

  • a leading Albanian law firm with international background and expertise;
  • a firm with skilled foreign lawyers based full-time in this country in order to provide clients with prompt, reliable and high-quality professional legal services of a highest standard found in Western Europe and in the United States.

In 1995, Tonucci & Partners was appointed by the World Bank to serve as sole legal advisor of the Albanian Government in the privatization of the leading state-owned companies active in the strategic sectors of Oil and Gas (Armo, Albpetrol), Minerals (Albkrom) and Telecommunications (AMC and AlbTelekom).

Furthermore, Tonucci & Partners - Albania has actively participated in the drafting of significant Albanian legislation including the Albanian Constitution of 1998 and the Albanian Custom Code.
The “E.U. PHARE” Commission and the Albanian Government appointed Tonucci & Partners as legal advisor and coordinator on the reform and development of economic legislation in Albania.

Moreover, our firm is a member of the Board of Directors of the C.C.I.A. (The Italian Chamber of Commerce in Albania). We are also proud member of F.I.A.A. (Foreign Investors Association in Albania), of the AM.CHAM. (The American Chamber of Commerce in Albania), the D.I.H.A. (The German Industry and Trade Association in Albania) and member of the A.B.C.C.I. (Albanian British Chamber of Commerce and Industry).

Lawyers from Tonucci & Partners regularly advise the foreign Embassies in Albania and the Delegation of the European Commission to Albania on ad hoc basis. The Firm has also assisted OSCE (Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe) in several projects on legislative reforms in Albania.

Practice Areas

Our Clients in Albania range from small and medium size companies and associations in the early stages of international expansion, to large multinationals, financial institutions, banks, governmental institutions and agencies and other state-owned organizations which turn to our firm for advice on legal issues concerning both their Albanian activities and/or international operations.

We develop a close relationship with our clients and assist them in every aspect of their business in Albania providing a full range of legal services in the area of:

  • Corporate and commercial law (formation of companies or local branches in Albania, preparation of shareholder agreements, assistance in mergers and acquisitions transactions including the related due diligence activities, assistance in privatization procedures; assistance in the negotiation and drafting of contracts in civil and commercial matters, joint venture and cooperation agreements, preparation of legal opinions)
  • Banking and finance
  • Energy, power, utilities and natural resources
  • Public procurements, tenders, and concessions
  • Foreign investments, EU funds and finance (I.P.A. – Instrument Pre-Accession Assistance)
  • Real estate property, construction and infrastructure
  • Tax
  • Employment and immigration
  • Antitrust
  • Environmental
  • Telecommunications, multimedia and information technology
  • Intellectual property

The Albanian lawyers of Tonucci & Partners have many years of experience in arbitration and regularly represent Albanian and foreign clients on civil and administrative disputes before Albanian Courts. Our lawyers have successfully litigated a series of disputes regarding corporate, intellectual property, tax, employment, contract, real estate, banking, finance and tort issues. Our litigators have substantial experience and competence in assisting foreign entities and government authorities in arbitration proceedings either as defense counsel or as arbiter named by one of the parties.

Tonucci & Partners acknowledges that today's clients may need more than just purely legal advice. Our firm is not just a general practice law firm. We also provide a variety of business consulting services aimed at facilitating the smooth entry of foreign corporations into the Albanian market and vice-versa.
The Tirana office is equipped with an electronic archive, online legal research capability and a complete law library, which is regularly updated with all Albanian legislation, duly translated into English

Tonucci & Partners is committed to provide its clients with a comprehensive assistance on legal matters that combines the best local expertise with the best practices and professional standards of Western countries. Our Tirana office is equipped with an electronic archive, online legal research facilities and a complete law library, which is regularly updated with all Albanian legislation and jurisprudence developments.

Thanks to our network of local correspondents with offices located in leading industrial and financial centres of Europe, Asia and Americas, we can promptly provide our Clients with fully integrated legal assistance.

The International Financial Law Review (IFLR 1000) regularly ranks Tonucci & Partners as a top tier law firm in Albania in finance and commercial law.

Additionally, Chambers and Partners, the leading international legal directory, regularly ranks Tonucci & Partners among the best firms in Albania in the areas of corporate and commercial, dispute resolution, intellectual property and real estate.

On October 21, 2010 in Tirana,Tonucci & Partners celebrated its first 15 years of operations in Albania. the guest of honor was the Prime Minister of the Republic of Albania. Other participants included foreign Ambassadors to Albania along with key representatives in the business community.

Tonucci & Partners Albania published the Business Guide Albania in celebration of the 15th anniversary of its professional activity in Albania.

The firm works fluently in the following languages: Albanian, English, Italian, French and Romanian.


Our office is located in the main center of Tirana, the capital of Albania.

The address is Rruga Abdi Toptani, we are at the 2nd floor of a new and well known building, called “Torre Drin”, just few meters from the City Hall, located in the principal city square (Skanderbeg Square).

From the airport

The main Airport of Albania is “Mother (Nene) Tereza” - Tirana International Airport, situated in Rinas, on northwest of Tirana, about 17 km away from the center of the Tirana city.

By Taxi (or Car)

The quickest way to get to Tirana city center is by taxi (or by car) via the new access road from the Tirana – Durres motorway. The journey from the airport to city center takes 20 – 25 minutes. The cost is approximately 2.500 ALL (20 Euro).

Business Guide Albania 2017

Download Tonucci & Partners Business Guide Albania 2017 - English Version

15th edition of Tonucci & Partners' Business Guide Albania (1999 - 2014)

Regata Tonucci

You will find herewith the video concerning the
Celebration of the 15th edition of Tonucci & Partners' Business Guide Albania (1999 - 2014)
which took place at the Residency of the Italian Ambassador to Albania (Tirana, 24th September 2014)

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